Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to move up a belt rank?

If you attend classes on a regular basis, belt achievement is possible after two or three months of training. However, just because you attend classes does not mean that you will be promoted. Promotion is based on one's ability to perform the required curriculum.

Is there a charge for belt testing?

There is no charge for testing at the lower levels. All certificates and belts under Black Belt are provided with the cost of tuition. Black Belt testing fees are dependant upon the number of candidates and the cost to put on the exam and includes a six-hour exam.  Upon passing Black Belt Exam Student will be awarded Black Belt Certificates from Wong's Ji Do Kwan and Kukkiwon.

I already had a belt from another school. Do I have to start over?

There are no politics at Wong's Ji Do Kwan. Whatever belt you have previously earned will not be discounted and you have the choice of wearing your current belt in class. You will still need to learn the curriculum from this school and may begin testing for the next level after you satisfy the requirements of that belt rank. If you were previously an advanced student, you must begin at Wong's Ji Do Kwan in the Intermediate class. Once you have mastered the requirements necessary to achieve the advanced level at our school, you will be permitted to progress to the advanced class. An adept advanced student should only take a few months to progress to this level. Some students may require a longer adjustment period.

What is Ji Do Kwan?

Ji Do Kwan is translated to mean "Way of Knowledge". Ji Do Kwan is a very old style that was developed from the Shorin and Shorei schools in Japan. Tae Kwon Do developed from these styles. Specifically, you are learning and enhanced combination of the Shorin and Tae Kwon Do styles with improvements made by Sensei Wong from his extensive training in other martial arts styles.

Is there anything besides the uniform that I will be required to buy?

Yes. At the rank of Yellow Belt there is safety equipment that is necessary for controlled sparring drills. This equipment is available only through the school and includes protection for the feet, hands, groin, mouth, chest, and shins. In addition, at the rank of Brown Belt, students will need a wooden staff, and at Red Belt, they will need a par of Sai. Both items are easily available through Wong's Ji Do Kwan.

I have a friend who would like to join. Are there referral incentives?

We frequently run promotions to reward students for referrals. Ask for more details.

Are there discounts for family members who enroll?

Of course. Family members may enroll at a discounted tuition. We have seen many times our members' brothers, sisters, even Mom and Dad get interested and join the training program. This can be a great family activity and a way of keeping a close bond.